Casus Presentation 18-09-09

foto_casus.jpg ExercITe Team

  • Analysing
  • Processing
  • Judging

Team members:

  • Irene - Risk Management
  • Inneke - Risk Management
  • Thomas - Overall Management
  • Pieter - Technical Consultancy
  • Douwe - Chairman, Director

Goal & Summary

ICT - Ambient Assisted Health care (AAH) This project founded and financed by the European Commission has a main goal of enriching the life's for patiens of various chronic diseases. The project's second purpose is improving innovation in R&D oriented businesses and medical profession.

DRIR has the initiative for launching the project. They are in control of the patients and the medical care. The entire project is based on specifications set by the DRIR.

Stakeholders + interests

DRIR Virtual-fit ExercITe
Innovative Healthcare Selling licenses of their awarded software mission → Innovative exercise products to a world broad market
Software research + Client control User based online training statistic Selling training gear + mission

Work Processes

  • WP1: Specification of the physiotherapeutic programme, service definition, DRIR
  • WP2: Patient organisation and data evaluation, DRIR
  • WP3: Exercise Equipment, ExercITe
  • WP4: Software development, Virtual-Fit & DRIR


Enumeration of traps

  • Milestone's are not achieved
  • University has his own interests for building the system on their new framework
  • Virtual-fit is taken over by Orangina (although merely typical ~according to Origina)
  • Software not working stable
  • Database compability problems
  • Cynical comments about the ExercITe equipment
  • Priority problems at ExercITe about AAH

Global perspective

Negative. Although this is an ambitious and well though off project, people are just not ready for this kind of technology. The target of this project mostly relies in physically challenged elderly people. If they are not capable of coping with the internet, the project will eventually fail.

Stakeholders perspective

* Selling exercise equipment Costumer research points out that the customer are not ready for this equipment yet. Also the Physiologist say that the computer can never replace the necessary human interaction with the patient.

  • Spreading innovative products to a broad market

In theory possible, but if there are no customers it won't work. The new innovations and developments are positive though.


Helpful Harmful
Internal Origin Strenght Weakness
External Origin Opportunities Threats

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Advise and Evaluations

Our definite judgement about the durability and the viability of the VECAP project The project should not continue.


  • Postponing
  • Complete redesign

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